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Uncertain Ice: The Future of the Glaciers of the North Cascades (seeking distribution)


We are currently cutting a trailer and building a website for Uncertain Ice. If you are interested in distribution of the film or viewing it contact us.

Set in the rugged peaks of the Pacific Northwest, the documentary follows Mauri Pelto and his team of researchers as they study and document the melting glaciers of the North Cascades. For twenty-seven years Mauri, a world-renowned glaciologist, has hiked high into the mountains to measure the health of the glaciers and forecast their future. With striking cinematography the viewer is transported to a place where glaciers cover mountainsides, and cling to cracks on large peaks, hanging on to the edge of survival. As the glaciers change and disappear, questions over the future of the habitat in the region and world are raised. Uncertain times come into focus as we look to the future of the glaciers and what that may mean for us.